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About 3,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with mesothelioma each year. This number may not seem large. However, the news can be tragic for those who receive this diagnosis.

On average, a patient only lives four to 18 months beyond diagnosis. Furthermore, only ten percent of people diagnosed with mesothelioma will live five or more years past the time of their diagnosis.

There is only one cause of mesothelioma — asbestos exposure. With Baltimore’s rich history of building ships, many people came in contact with asbestos in the workplace. Workers who made their living working in Baltimore’s shipyards and in other industries are at risk of mesothelioma.

If your family doctor recently diagnosed you with mesothelioma, this can be a tough time for you. The Joel Bieber Firm is your Baltimore mesothelioma lawyer, making sure you receive damages if you had exposure to asbestos in the workplace or at home.

Asbestos Exposure Leads to Mesothelioma

Several decades ago, asbestos had many consumer, maritime, and other uses. Asbestos itself naturally occurs in a fine crystalline form and has many good qualities, including heat resistance.

For this reason, asbestos found its way into insulation and other products. These products include insulation around ships’ boilers and hot water pipes.

The building materials used to construct many buildings near shipyards included asbestos-containing insulation and other materials.

When installing, removing, or otherwise disturbing asbestos-containing materials, asbestos becomes airborne.

Inhaling these fibers can cause them to become stuck within the lung’s mesothelial tissue, which can eventually scar over. Malignant mesothelioma tumors can then grow and spread. Baltimore personal injury attorney can help you with your case.

Legal Rights You Have After a Mesothelioma Diagnosis

If your medical team has told you that you have mesothelioma, you may have legal rights that a Baltimore mesothelioma lawyer can help you assert. These include the right to compensation if your employer let you work around asbestos without telling you it was present in your worksite or work materials.

You may also deserve financial compensation if your employer did not provide you with the correct safety gear while working around asbestos.

Last, your right to pursue compensation also extends to situations in which your employer did not warn you of the dangers of asbestos. It includes situations where your employer didn’t warn you of asbestos’s cancer-causing properties or how to perform your job safely.

Financial Compensation Available to Mesothelioma Patients

Your Baltimore mesothelioma lawyer from The Joel Bieber Firm can assist you in getting financial damages following a mesothelioma diagnosis. These damages can include the following:

  • Compensation for medical bills and future bills you will incur
  • Lost wages, reduced earnings, and wages you could have earned if not for your diagnosis
  • Emotional pain, suffering, and trauma
  • Loss of ability to enjoy life and activities in which you once participated

The compensation you receive gives you and your family a safety net to blunt the financial effects of a mesothelioma diagnosis.

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