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Baltimore Elevator Accident Lawyer, MD

Elevators make life easier. Employees and errand runners ascend and descend thousands of buildings throughout Baltimore in elevators every day. Although they are generally a safe form of transport, elevator accidents sometimes occur.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Consumer Product Safety Commission, elevator accidents injure tens of thousands of people every year. Sadly, these tragic events are often preventable. They come to pass due to no fault of the riders who suffer injuries.

If you have been in an elevator accident, a Baltimore elevator accident lawyer can help you. You could recover compensation to address the losses you have experienced.

Elevator Mishaps: Who’s at Fault?

Acts of God are very rare causes of elevator accidents. Instead, one or more of these parties are often responsible: the property owner, the elevator maintenance company, or the elevator or elevator parts manufacturer.

The Property Owner

Property owners whose buildings have elevators must ensure that elevators have timely and regular maintenance. In addition, they must also ensure that the elevators are up to code. However, some property owners fail to keep up with the required maintenance. Unfortunately, this can lead to safety issues.

Property owners must also respond to reports from elevator riders of dangerous conditions that arise when they are in the elevators. For example, they must take action against door-closing problems and issues that cause elevators to stop between floors.

The Maintenance Company

Maintenance is essential for elevator safety. When servicing an elevator, maintenance companies have to follow certain procedures. They must ensure that the machines they work on operate properly and meet safety standards.

Yet sloppy, inexperienced, or untrained workers sometimes perform substandard maintenance. If they do this, elevator riders have a higher risk of injury. When an injury occurs, the workers or their employer could be liable for resultant accidents. 

The Elevator or Elevator Parts Manufacturer

Suppose that an elevator manufacturer erred during the manufacture of an elevator. Or suppose that an engineer designed a model with an inherent dangerous flaw. In that case, they can be liable for accidents that occur due to their errors.

Parts manufacturers may also face liability if they provide a defective part for an elevator’s construction or repair.

How a Baltimore Elevator Accident Lawyer Can Help You

As a victim of an elevator injury, you can seek compensation from the party responsible for the accident. However, you must prove that this party is liable for the mishap. You must also deal with insurance companies that fight hard to limit the amount they must pay.

Unfortunately, some injury victims attempt to collect compensation on their own. These victims often end up with far less than they deserve — or none at all.

But those who seek help from an experienced Baltimore elevator accident lawyer can expect to receive more compensation than unrepresented victims.

Additionally, victims who hire personal injury lawyers to fight for them don’t have to face the stresses involved with pursuing a claim. They can instead focus their energies on recovering from the accident.

If you have suffered injuries caused by an elevator accident and are not sure what to do next, contact The Joel Bieber Firm. We offer free consultations and case reviews. A Baltimore elevator accident lawyer from our team is ready to help you explore your options for compensation.

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