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James M. Brazas

James M. Brazas

James Brazas was born in Virginia Beach, Virginia but moved frequently as a result of his father’s job as an officer in the United States Navy. He has lived in Maine, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Hawaii, and Washington State, though he and his family all call Virginia home. James now lives with his lovely wife in Richmond, VA.

James attended Bob Jones University where he studied Pre-Law and where he was a NEDA National Debate Champion and the captain of the Scholastic Bowl.  He later attended the College of William and Mary for Law School, having been driven towards law based on a love for people, debating, strategizing, and the trial atmosphere. He is now a member of The Virginia State Bar and the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association.

James has already found his place at the Firm stating that “there’s both a friendly atmosphere and a determination to get things done; that balance is rare.”

Outside the office, James enjoys history, music, martial arts, and travel; his favorite trips being Disney World and Spain.


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